Wonderland Trail Day 9

Ipsut Creek to Mystic Lake: 8.1 miles, +3600/-300 (This entry has a lot of photos because this day was ridiculously beautiful. You can click on them for maximum pretty.) Like Mowich Lake, Ipsut Creek camp had some car camping amenities including picnic tables and two real-ish toilets (curiously, one privy was the most pleasant of the whole trail, … More Wonderland Trail Day 9

Wonderland Trail Day 7

Golden Lakes to Mowich Lake: 9.5 miles, +2329/-2300 Golden Lakes was one of my favorite campsites, because it was beautiful. And also because it was not the site of any weather-based trauma. We slept cozily in a quiet, spacious site just off the water, and woke up to blue skies and sunlight streaming down on the lake. Our … More Wonderland Trail Day 7

Wonderland Trail Day 5

Pyramid Creek to Klapatche Park: 12.9 miles, +4800/-3000 (plus unscheduled “detour” of approx 2 miles, approx +700/-700) Before our hike, this was simply “Day Five,” always said in a slightly ominous tone because it entailed our longest mileage and largest amount of climbing (three big climbs, out-uphilling every other day by more than 1000 feet). By nightfall, … More Wonderland Trail Day 5

Wonderland Trail Day 3

Nickel Creek to Paradise River: 9.5 miles — +2254/-1854 We slept past sunrise, both because our low-elevation campsite had lots of beautiful trees filtering out the morning light and because we were wiped out from yesterday’s hike, but I was still the first person awake in camp. The third day began a morning routine that continued … More Wonderland Trail Day 3