Joshua Tree Day 4

To the end of the trail (near North Entrance station): about 7 miles (we think?) I did not sleep well our last night on the trail. In fact, I hadn’t been sleeping well at all on this trip. I’m a finicky sleeper, and the hiking wasn’t wearing me out enough to help me sleep the … More Joshua Tree Day 4

Joshua Tree Day 3

To just north of Belle Campground: about 11 miles To my relief, we had a blissfully wind-free night. I fell asleep almost instantly at 7pm and woke a little before dawn to pull on my puffy jacket and snuggle back into my bag, watching the sky lighten as the sun slowly crept over the mountains. Last night we discovered … More Joshua Tree Day 3

Joshua Tree Day 2

To just east of Ryan Campground: about 10.5 miles I was tucked into my sleeping bag, having fallen asleep at a respectable 7:30 p.m. (backpacker bedtime), all warm and cozy, when I awoke to what sounded like the world’s longest freight train running through the valley we were camped in. I realized pretty quickly that the wind … More Joshua Tree Day 2

Joshua Tree Day 1

Black Rock Canyon to just south of Upper Covington Flat: about 9.5 miles I woke at dawn after a restless night. The massive gusts of wind had finally quieted down around 3 or 4am. Unfortunately, a Boy Scout troop was camped in a cluster of tent sites nearby and the kids were up chasing each other … More Joshua Tree Day 1